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When I completed my NYSC in 2015. Like a the majority of graduates in Nigeria, I was unable to secure a good job. I became restless and uncomfortable being idle. I had attended a fashion school during my internship. I decided to use the skills learnt to provide services by starting a business.
I lived in a small apartment (a self-contain). My room was very small that the only place that could contain my sewing machine was my kitchen. Business started off, word of mouth helped spread information about my business and my products spoke for me. We grew gradually, ….one customer… two customers….three customers. My kitchen became too small for my business. I had to rent a small shop and moved my machines and tools to the shop.
Business was moving well, I loved the fact that I was doing fashion and making money but sewing itself took all my time and left me with very little or no time for other things I love. My business served only a segment of the market too. There was a void within me. I had dreams. I wanted to build a big business and not a small tailor shop.
There were brands I admired and looked up to such as D’iyanu and Grassfields. I wanted to be like them and have an identity like them too. My Vision and Goal was bigger, way bigger than being just a tailor.
I could picture my dreams. I kept on building on it. I knew where I wanted to be but I just did not have the knowledge of how to get there. I kept on improving myself, my vision and my goals. In October 2019. I was one of the entrepreneurs selected to attend the Creative Enterprise Support Program (CESP)by the British Council. It was an amazing experience. I was exposed to great knowledge. I learnt the basics of building a brand and business. The program covered topics such as building a team of other creatives, design concepts, branding and brand identity, marketing… etc.
We also learnt how to develop and pitched a business plan. This helped me develop the message I wanted my brand to tell. I discussed several ideas and at the end I came up with “cultural heritage”. My research made me fall in love with African fabrics. I got to understand these fabrics deeper: their meanings and what they represented.
This gave birth to the new Chy Azozie inspired brand.

Who we are and what we do

ChyAzozie is a contemporary brand. Our products are made in Nigeria. We use quality African fabrics to create wardrobe staples for men and women. Our products promotes African cultures and tell African stories. Africa is an embodiment of culture, tradition and stories. We love to tell these stories and we want everyone to be a part of it.

Our core values are built around creativity, quality and customer satisfaction.
Our goals and vision is to become a leading contemporary brand in African fashion not only in Nigeria but in Africa and the world at large

About the Culture We Represent

African Cultures and Values

About our Creative Director

Hello, My name is Chichi. Thank you for being here. Hope you like my products and my contents. Will you like to connect with me personally, you can DM and follow me on my personal IG handle @chichiwonda . Will love to connect with you.

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