My Best Looks from Arise Fashion Week and Everything Else you Need to Know.

Arise Fashion Week was a one week of glamour and fashion boost. Started on Sunday 5th December 2020 and ended on Sunday,12th December 2020. Started with an exclusive brunch with selected fashion influencers and a welcome dinner, followed by a runway presentation by the designers and songs by renowned African artists. These were the activities for this fashionable event.

The theme of the event was ‘30 under 30: The New Stars,’ For the first time, Arise fashion week gave out $500,000 cash gift. Designers competing for this prize were not only limited to Nigeria but came across from Europe and other parts of Africa.

The list of the 30 selected designers drawn from across the world in alphabetical order was: BIBI, BLOKE, BOYEDOE, CLAN, COLRS, DNA BY ICONIC INVANITY, ELFREDA DALI, FRUCHE and GETO.


The looks were exceptional as you know, Nigeria Designers are the best in Africa followed by Ghana, then Senegal. So well, the best was expected.

I have taken time to look critical on all the designs and these ten were my best. Despite the fact that Keneathe Ize worn the competition, I am not really a fan in this show but i will tell you why later. Onalaja and Ladunni Lambo were very exceptional to me.

Speaking of who worn in the competition, American super model, Naomi Campbell made the announcement on Sunday night. Keneath Ize worn and he went home with a cash prize of $100,000. The first runner up, Re-Lagos bagged a whopping $75,000 and the second runner up, a whole $50,000.

That being said, here are my best looks from the show and why:

I told you earlier that “Onalaja” stole my heart in this show. This is one of her pieces that I love. I love the luxurious mix of gold and the beaded fringe on the shirt is an interesting factor about the mix. When there is a party and you need to show up as a fancy boss chic, This is an outfit to consider. Perfectly chic.

This “VicNate” dress is not only cute but very practical. You won’t have to think far to know where to rock it to. For e.g, think of a wedding, a party, a date, etc. This dress is all it and more. The colour is perfect and that bow statement that screams “you must see me” is the catchy thing about it. A must-have outfit for a fancy woman.

This “Ladunni Lambo” piece is a catch one for me. I love the asymmetric shoulder cut, the cut-out at the waist, the stripes and the colour mix of the piece. The fabric looks like its hand-woven like aso-oke. I’m not sure but its a total win for me.

This second one from “Ladunni Lambo” is too cute to ignore. The tie and dye effect is lovely. The skirt combo is a die for, Omg. The model made sure to show us what the inside looks like too. It’s perfect. Almost like the skirt can be worn inside out. The floppy hat is swag on its own. The off-shoulder cut goes well with the entire outfit. I love love.

This earth brown combo from “Weizhurm Frankyn” is very appealing. If you love nude colours, you will love this piece too. The high low skirt especially is very adorable. A very close look at it shows that it is very well sewn with high expertise. The model’s skin tone matched the dress perfectly well too. Perfect for a red carpet event. 100% is the score.

How do you define fancy? This is it. This dress reminds me of Lisa Folawiyo. The combination of fabric and colour is a bomb. The entire dress silhouette is a win.

OMG!! First of all the vibe, the colour, the style, the attitude. Everything is exquisite in this look. This is how you step out like a fashion darling. This piece from “Clan” is exquisite.

If you know garment deconstruction, you will know what it took to make this gorgeous piece. This Tzar Studio piece is not for the faint at heart. It is a statement piece. Only a very bold woman that is fashion-forward can appreciate the beauty of this piece.

Another cute piece from Onalaja. This is a power suit. The flow, the colour and the fit are what I love. Something about it that screams fire. This is an outfit for the baby girls.

A tiered dress is always a good idea. This one from Ziva Lagos is a whole statement. The fluidity is the evidence. The colour, the tiers and the plunging neckline is a win. Ready for work, a meeting with the seniors or getting ready to meet your inlaws. This is the perfect dress to rock.

The last but not the least is this “Kenneth Ize” jacket. I don’t like the way it was styled in this show but I have seen it in another show and I liked it.

How it came in the show
How I liked it?

So this made the list for me.

Did you see the show? Which were your best so far?

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