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The Secrets of Stylish People Who Always Have What to Wear

What to wear is a problem for many women, including me sometimes. We always have nothing to wear yet we have a wardrobe filled with clothes. We are always shopping for new clothes, buying asoebi for every wedding and getting something new for every event yet there is never anything to wear for the next one. Interesting right?

It took a lot of time and trying for me to figure out the solution to this problem and if you are thinking that you will always have what to wear by buying more clothes, then you are so wrong. Hang on

Back then in school, I used to have tones of clothes. A wardrobe filled with all sorts of clothes but every morning, I was in a battle for what to wear. It was never enough. I was constantly buying new clothes yet I never had anything to wear.

What I found out was, I buy clothes just for an occasion. For eg, a green dress for lectures or a print skirt for a wedding. But depending on your lifestyle, you should shop according to your everyday life. What this means is that if you work in a bank and you are fond of buying bright coloured dresses because they just look good, you will constantly find yourself in this shoe. But no worries, what I’m about to tell you will work for everyone no matter your lifestyle.

If you want to always have something to wear, you should start investing in items that can be worn alone, easily paired with other clothing you already have and suits most events too. I am particular about buying only clothes that you like and resonates with you. That way, you make it your own. Your own style, your own way.

That being said, let us dive into the piece of clothing that you should invest in for you to always have something to wear.

A Red Outfit

When in doubt they say, wear red. A dress red is feminine and sexy. It is classy and easy to dress up with minimal accessories. It draws the right kind of attention so that even when you have nothing to wear, a red dress is an easy go-to for any event. Be it red carpet, wedding, church and even work. See this post about wearing red, it will give you more insight.

what to wear. a red jumpsuit

A Dramatic and Humble White Shirt

A dramatic white shirt is a statement on its own. It is easy to pair it with almost anything. A pair of jeans, a short leather skirt, a suit skirt etc. On the other hand, a white humble shirt is a very easy style staple. Can be paired with prints, worn over jackets or waistcoats. A white shirt is a good investment because it’s always there as something to wear.

what to wear. a white shirt

A Classic Blue and Black Jeans

A quality jean is one of the best pieces of clothing a woman can have. They are durable, stylish, easy to maintain, comfortable and very versatile. However, the design, worn with plain tee or pattern. It’s always a yes and a good idea for most casual and formal events therefore a perfect piece for those I have nothing to wear moments.

what to wear. a classic blue jeans

A Fitting Print Dress

Sometimes you may need to play it up with prints. A lot of people will prefer plain to prints but prints are very good on their own. Think about our beautiful Ankara fabrics. The key to rocking prints perfectly is to break it up with a block or neutral colours. If you are going to match two prints, you can achieve a perfect mix by complementing the main colours rather than the prints itself. For e.g. If the main colour is black, you can match with another print whose main colour is white.

what to wear. a fitting dress

A Shirt Dress

A shirt dress can do a quadruple duty in your wardrobe. It is fun, versatile and sassy no matter the design. Whether plain or pattern, It can be worn alone, over leggings, over a coat and even over a waistcoat or a corset. It can also be worn as a jacket or kimono. The list is endless. For those days when you have nothing to wear, you need to invest in a quality shirt dress. It’s a worthy investment.

what to wear. a shirt dress

A Maxi Dress

Think of easy, flattering, feminine and less stressful. A maxi dress is appropriate for day and night events. The easy thing about having a maxi dress is that you don’t have to bother about matching clothes and wardrobe malfunctions. A maxi dress is a classic and an easy thing to throw on that always ensures you have something to wear.

girl wearing ankara dress

A Black Dress

Saving the best for the last. This is the first piece of classic you should have for those I don’t have what to wear kind of days. Can be easily matched with other colours. Be it little or full, a black dress is easily styled. It works for every woman regardless of age, size or height. It is very flattering and works for absolutely any event at all. Every woman should own two pieces at least. It is the first stop for those times when you have absolutely nothing to wear.

When you have these basic pieces, you will always have something to wear and even when you have nothing to wear, you can easily pair these or switch them up with accessories you already own to make a beautiful statement.

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