How To Be A Cute and Fashionable Chic Every Day in 2021

Being fashionable and cute every day is an unasked question for most people especially in 2021. If it is possible then how? It is something that comes with preparedness rather than an accident. So my Loves, You are about to find out.

I hope this year brings us the best by the way. Unlike last year, 2020, A lot of us had cute clothes to wear but there was nowhere to go. I found this video very funny.

Hopefully this year, it is going to be different but we have to be prepared. We can’t be lacking in this department called Fashion.

What I usually hear people say is that it takes a lot of money to look good, not to talk of having a lot of clothes. Almost like you have to break the bank to have good quality ones.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the bit is not completely true. I’m not saying that you don’t need money but just like other finer things of life right? You need money to eat good food. You need money to live in a good house or drive a nice car. As well, you need money to have good clothes and look good in 2021. I’m not going to lie to you about that.

But what you don’t need Sis is, to break the bank buying too expensive clothes.

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  1. Buy quality over quantity: By this, I don’t mean quality as expensive but you definitely need a little more money to buy a quality piece. Even if you are buying thrift, the quality ones are more expensive right?. But why you should still choose quality is that it tends to last longer than the cheap ones. That means you can wear it over and over. That means you can also style it over and over. That means you will always have something fabulous to wear when you are going out. That also means that you will be confident in your looks always which indirectly means that you are fashionable always. You see the connection. But when its a fewer quality ones, only one wash will have you doubting if you can wear it again. Especially print dresses like this one. So that said, hope you got my point.
  2. Buy items you can style in more than one way: They are called “Switch styles”. For eg. This Simdi Silk dress here is a switch style and a versatile one. Its a “yes” to church, work, parties, meetings, dates etc. Its a kind of piece you should be buying in 2021. This kind of clothes enables you to have few but very functional clothes. So give it a try.
  3. Dress for other people but the attention; Trend is good but one of the rules of being fashionable in 2021 is wearing clothes that other people can relate to. If you wear a colour block style suit that looks like 1960. It may be expensive but it may not be liked by other people but if you wear a beautiful Ankara top like this, be sure you will be adored by your friends and guess what? you can style it in a lot of ways that are very unique to you just like I styled mine. The golden rule with dressing cute and fashionably every day in 2021 is to be your unique self while at it.
  4. Be you: It took a very long time to realize that I can’t wear everything. I love fashion and I can sew anything I want to wear. I love to try new things too. Sometimes, I get it right. Sometimes I get it wrong but what it’s painful is that I always get to know from the pictures. Which means most people have seen me and probably wondered if I’m mad or something. hahahahhaha. Until I took my time to study what I look my best in and I started experimenting in that direction over and over. See, you don’t have to wear everything. Every fashionista that you know has a signature style. Think about it. You should have a signature style that defines you too. This helps to make your shopping easy, organizes your wardrobe, saves you money and makes it easy for you to pick out what to wear easily. But I’m not saying that you should wear only a particular kind of clothing. I take myself for e.g. You can catch me in jeans and teeshirt in the casual outing and a short dress for church service or business meetings but what you can’t catch me in is a long flowing dress or a skull cap hair. That is me. It may be your thing. I’m just saying in other to be cute and fashionable every day in 2021, you have to wear things that you like and defines you in a fashionable way. Deal of the day
  5. Find a way to keep fit: This is new year and undoubtedly, most of us have eaten a lot of junks and added a few pounds too. Do not leave yourself like that. A pot belle is not cute. Love handles are not fashionable. You should make deliberate plans to eat healthily and tighten your muscles. All of us are guilty of this including me but hopefully, things will change in 2021. Slimming/tummy belts are good investments too. The truth is nobody is perfect but at least we can try.
  6. Drink lots of water: This is a major goal for me in 2021 and I’m inviting you to take it seriously too. The recommended amount is at least 8 glasses per day. Drinking lots of water helps to cleanse your system of all the bad junks. it helps to keep your skin fresh and supple. it enhances your energy level and surprisingly enables you not to be happy. it improves health by keeping sickness like headache and kidney stone away and best of all, it aids weight loss. So you see why you should take water seriously in 2021.
  7. Make sure you are comfortable and confident in everything you wear. This should probably be the first point but well, I may have saved the best for the last. The best clothes to wear in 2021 are the ones that you feel comfortable and confident in. There is a charm in being confident. People can tell when you are not too. It automatically brings down all the effort you have put in to look your best. For e.g, If you are wearing a too-tight dress or too long heels, you won’t be confident and all your attention will be spent adjusting instead of feeling good. People can sense that too. So in 2021, if you buying anything new, the first check is to be sure that it meets these two criteria before anything else.

Have a wonderful new year and don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe below.

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