Issues with Clothes bought Online and How to Fix them.

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So I wanted to know the problems people have when they buy clothes online. This is because a lot of people complain yet it’s like a necessary evil, too convenient to pass on. I asked a small group of people on my WhatsApp. It’s not a huge data but I’m very much sure it’s representative of the issues.

I asked these four questions:

  • How often they buy clothes?
  • If it always fit?
  • To list the common issues they have encountered with the clothes they bought online.
  • What they did with the clothes that didn’t fit?

These are the answers:

a pie chart showing the no of people that shop online
Does the clothes you bought online always fit?
answer to issues with the clothes bought online
what to do with the clothes when they don't fit?

I classified the common issues mentioned into

  • Wrong sizing resulting to bad fit
  • Poor quality fabrics
  • Poor finishes.

This is what you can do to minimize these issues:

  • Always check the size chart: 70% of the problems come from sizing and bad fit. Most people conclude their sizes without looking at the size chart. Like they are size 12 or 10 and then they go ahead to order. What you have to know is that sizes always differ from countries and companies. Always check the size chart and make sure you pick only the one that corresponds with your measurement. If it does not correspond accurately, it is safer to pick a bigger size. For e.g. Size 12 instead of 10. What happens is that some parts may be bigger but it is better to adjust than it didn’t fit at all right?
  • Another thing is, there is a new technology for Virtual fit and size recommendation. This technology simply shows you how the cloth with your selected size will look on you. But not all websites have it. We don’t have it yet but we are aware of it. This helps the problem of sizing greatly and also improve customer’s shopping experiences too.
virtual fitting and sizing recommendation
  • No room for alterations: This is how readymade clothing is made. They believe their size chart and your measurement should correspond accurately but it’s not always so. I suggest you know your measurement, again. If you don’t know, here is my guide to taking your measurements and knowing your size. If you are not sure still, it is safer to buy one size bigger. That way you have enough room for adjustments if need be.
  • Poor quality of fabric and finishes: Yeah, You can’t really feel the fabric. If you receive a dress with very poor quality, the only thing you can do is to return it. This can only be possible if you have read the returns and exchange policy. So then before you order, make sure you find where the return and exchange are written and read it.  If they do have, it means the company is responsible and credible. It simply states what you should do if the items do not meets your expectations. You can either exchange or ask for refunds. It also tells you who bears the cost of the return.

So this is my little input. What are measures you take while buying clothes online that I didn’t list here? please let me know in the comment below.

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