east african fashion week 2020

My Honest Review about East African International Fashion Week 2020.

I expected more from East African International Fashion Week 2020. This is what I noticed and my honest review.

When you think of a fashion show, what comes to your mind? Let me guess? Glamour, Creativity, Lots of inspiration, stuff like that right?

If you are going to show the basic things, then there is no need for a show. Lots of work and research is expected to go before a fashion show. That is the only way to woo your audience and get draw their attention which defines a successful show. If not, you will have just another show.The resource and energy you would have used to achieve something greater, all in waste. Like a woman that is waiting to be blown away by her lover, only to be disappointed by the smallest things.

That is how I feel right now. Seeing these designs from EAFW. If this is it, then fashion designers in East Africa needs a serious improvement. The designs are so 1960.

Blank and clueless, there is no story telling or concept. The designs are a complete waste of time and data. See what a good fashion show should look like

See this

I feel like the models are supposed to have the same composure and facial expression. For example, Victoria secret models are allowed to have fun on the stage. They laugh, dance and do all sorts of funny poses while Chanel models are always straight-faced. I don’t understand why some models are smiling while others are straight-faced here. That aside.

The purpose of runway is to exhibit high level creativity. That is why it is called a show. What I see on this show is basic.. too basic.

Another thing I noticed is lack of coherence in colour and designs. Maybe there is. because all the pictures are not shown. A problem from the photographers I guess. But from what is saw, its a complete mess. Red is followed by silver and then purple and then red again. Honestly you guys need to think of ways to do better next time.

Here are other pictures from the event.

east african fashion week 2020

I have to stop here for now. You can view all the pictures in their Instagram page.

But what do you think about this show? Do you agree with me or not?

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