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Shopping on a Budget: 10 Dress Ideas to try

It’s that time of the year again. Most people are shopping what they need for the holiday. Lots of parties.. Mostly end of the year parties. Travels, visits and outing. For a few weeks, our work clothes will no longer suitable. Something more comfortable and lounging comes to mind. But unfortunately some of us are lacking in that department. This is because we are used to work, dressing up and being all tight up.

But not now. Holidays are for relaxing with family and friends. But you don’t want to do that looking unkempt because you have nothing to wear.

Let me put it this way, holiday wears should be

  1. Free but fits
  2. Comfortable
  3. Colorful
  4. Fun

Does this sound like the wardrobe you currently have? I understand it’s been a tough year for some of us. But you can make it better. The beautiful thing is that you can still wear these dresses even after the holiday. You can wear them to work and other events so it’s not a waste. Its a good investment if you ask me. Here are a few recommendations that will serve you especially when you are on budget.

Multicolored pieces

This piece is all shades of beautiful. Pair with flats or heels and you are good to go. Click on the image to shop

holiday dresses

Face Dress

This is one classy and chic piece you can’t get over. Speaking of lounging in style all day? This is your go to. Shop this piece for less now. Click on the images to shop.

 Vintage dress
This mid- length dress is very fun and beautiful. It serves for parties, dinner, dates, church and can transition into a work dress after rocking it for the holiday. To shop, click on the image

Maxi dresses

This dress suits all body shapes and ages. It is a multipurpose dress. It’s suitable for almost any occasion, church, work, wedding, dinners and parties. Whatever you can name it, this dress is a good investment on a very small budget. To shop, click on the image

Infinity dresses

They are called infinity because they are like one dress that can be styled in 20 ways. Watch this video to see what I mean. It’s a whole deal right. Shop it now. click on the image.


Kaftan has been around for ages. It is a typical casual dress. This one will have you feeling free and fly all day. Click on the image.

Dashiki dresses

This pattern is a typical African piece. When you want to feel your roots. This is the dress to rock.Click on the image to shop

Asymmetric Dresses

Remember the dress code for holiday dresses. “Fun”. This is one to try. Click on the image to shop

Midi dresses

Midi dresses are hot and never out of style. The good thing is that it can be styled in different ways for different occasions. Click on the image to shop


Just like diamonds, these are a girl’s best friends. Cop one and rock this Christmas holiday in style. Click on the image to shop

Your Christmas shopping is still in time and it does not have to be boring. Make plans to rock it in style like the fashionista that you are.

For more dresses, Click here

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