african dresses

The Best Places to Shop Quality African Dresses Online

african dresses

Who else like African dresses as I do?

I guess you. If not, what are you doing here? Just kidding though. Guess you do want to know where to shop the good ones. It was a problem for me too until I started my business. Buying African dresses or having them made was always an issue. The problem was that the ones I bought online usually have fit issues, sometimes low quality, a few times a case of what I ordered versus what I got. This was not a nice experience at all.

african print dresses

When it got to custom made, I had a problem with time too. This is a better option but it always takes a very long time to make and costs a lot more too. So when I have an urgent need for a quick Ankara dress maybe for a wedding or church. I was left stranded.

That was a problem and part of the reason I started my own business

I like African prints and whatever the reason, I cannot give up. So from my own personal experiences and from growing and expanding my business, I have discovered these websites that are trusted to deliver. Some of them, I have bought things from and some, I have sold my items on them. The things I have to do to ensure my customers are satisfied made me recommend them as one of the good sites to buy African print dresses from without stress.
african print dresses

My customers never complained and they are mostly women abroad like Canada and USA. I have shipped to other parts of the world like Australia and Italy too. My friends over there told me that tailoring services are expensive and that is why getting it right the first time is necessary.

That being said, here is the list of my recommended websites to buy African dress (Ankara) from:

This is my number one and it happens to be my Brand. We are a contemporary brand based in Nigeria. All products are sourced and made locally. We use quality African fabrics to create wardrobe staples for women. Our signature style is Chic, modern and African. We are very big on Quality control and customer service. We hope to add accessories as another product line in the future. Check us out and follow us on Instagram. Our prices are between $35 to $100 which is a good price for a great value.

best places to shop african dresses

This is a website I have been selling on for years now. What I like about this site is their commitment to constantly ensuring that both the seller and the buyer are good especially the buyers. There are many sellers on this platform from all over Africa that ship across the world. Afrikrea is a website that was started with a  purpose. They are committed to growth as such they mean business and be assured that the items you will buy here will be worth it. There are all sorts of fashion items on this site. You just have to search or browse through the categories. There are many other sellers on it. If you want to check out my shop on it, here is a link to it. You can browse around and follow them on Instagram.

where to buy quality african prints online

This is also a made in Africa item website. It is a brand website based in Cameroun and UK. Grass-fields offer high quality and ethically made African inspired fashion. They create a range of modern African print dresses and clothing for women, men and kids that are all sourced and made in the UK and Cameroon. They believe in bringing value to every customer by providing exceptional products, resources, and customer service. If you are looking for value for your money, this is also a place to shop. Prices start from as low as $20 and as high as $100.

where to shop african prints online

This is a woman’s wear brand that specializes in making unique statements with bold coloured African dresses. Their unique designs keep their customers at heart. Their prices are between $50 to $150. Very exceptional designs. They are not here to play and their customer services is top-notch. Check them out.

where to shop afican prints online

This is an African brand with a simple aim: To renew a sense of pride in African culture by creating a channel for young women to find confidence in expressing who they are. They love merging African prints with western silhouettes to create the African meet western silhouette. Check out their Instagram


Well, Instagram is not only social media but also a market place too. A lot of sellers are on this platform so you need to be really careful if you are going to buy from here. I’m not saying there are no genuine sellers but there are lots of fake too. The good thing is that there are varieties for not only African clothing but any other kind of product you want to buy too.

In all, the ratings are important because it tells what people who have bought from the seller thinks of the product and services so do not neglect it. Also, check out every seller on social media first, If you have time, try to interact with the brand first. I wish you the best.

african print dresses

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