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Urenna is the Only Dress You Will Need When the Dress Code is African.

Say hello to my African queen dress. I called it “Urenna”. I finally got to wear it today. I’ve had it since 2020 but I never wore it for once. Today is my first time. I actually made it for the British Council’s 75th anniversary. The dress code was dinner or African attire.

I started with this,

and ended up with that,


What happened in between will be a story for another day but yes, I finally wore it today. There is no occasion. Just wore it to show you.

Urenna dress is full length with a side slit that went all the way up to the thighs. It is a plunging neckline which I crossed over because I felt it was too revealing.

My headband is looking like a scarf but its a scrunchie. A scrunchie is a piece of fabric made into a circular band that is used to hold the hair in place. I made it a night before just to add some spice to my look.

I paired with a red pump to finish my look. How do you like this African queen style?

Urenna is a simple dress but very versatile. Can be worn to church, work or any event that says the dress code is African attire. This is just the right dress for you.

It can be made with or without the crossing on the neckline. it’s your choice and completely up to you. It will come with the scrunchie and it can be made in other fabrics too.

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