Why A White Shirt is Necessary For a Stylish Wardrope

A white shirt is my all-time favourite. By regular, I mean those fashion pieces that you wear almost every day, every time. That happens to be a jean trouser and a t-shirt for me. This is my go-to for those “I have nothing” to wear kind of days. I just have to wear it with a cute handbag and sunglasses and I am good to go.

But for days I want to be dressy without being overdressed. You know, somewhere in between. My best bet is a white shirt. It always works for me.

There is this innocence, purity, wholeness and simplicity about a white shirt.

Not to mention that it is very classy and chic. It can automatically transform you from just casual to business casual or smart casual or strictly formal. It is very versatile, I honestly can’t do without a white shirt.
One of the favourite in my wardrobe is this dramatic piece from my brand, ChyAzozie Inspired. The name is Bimpe.

white shirt for sale

I love Bimpe because it is fun and classy. It is a statement piece. Not the regular white shirt. When I designed it, I had something uncommon yet wearable and fun. Bimpe is very versatile and classic and can go with almost everything else in your wardrobe. If you like it, here is where you can shop it.

I paired mine with a pair of blue jeans.

This casual look is my all-time favourite and one that I received a lot of compliments on.

Another reason is its psychological effect on me.

I tend to carry myself in a different way when I’m wearing white because I am constantly reminded to keep it together and not mess around.

A white shirt is very versatile and easy to pair with other pieces in my wardrobe. It is like a black shirt. It is not hard to pair and switch up. Whether you are pairing with prints, wearing it over another top, jeans or suit skirt. It always answers and helps me make a style statement.

Now tell me what is your own favourite fashion piece?

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