Why Fashion Shows are Filled with Unwearable Garments.

So, I want us to talk about those bizarre-looking clothing I posted. Well ok, I shouldn’t have used that word.

First of all, What these designers have in mind is quite different from what the consumer sees or wants. I’m not in any way saying that these designers don’t think of clothes that people want to wear. Before the clothes you buy were mass-produced, they were concepts and stories that were put in place first.

Speaking of art, have you seen those ones that that looks like a joke? They look like the artist was confused yet they cost a fortune. I saw one in an art gallery some time ago, it was very big and very scary too. It had this human – monster face on it. My first instinct was to quickly look around the room to make sure that every other person has not disappeared. When I asked of the price, I was told it was 3million. Am like “Ok, thank you. For something this scary? Thank you again”.

But this is the essence of good art. It evokes emotions within you. It can make you feel happy and angry. It also joggles your brain and causes you to think.

Good fashion is not always about looking beautiful. It’s an art. An unusual one.

Think of it this way:

They are raising awareness of what is happening at that time: It could be a culture of rape, domestic violence or anything like that. If you follow the pattern of the clothes like the ones I posted, they are torn and looks like the wearer has been battered. It has a story that is being told. Think of the idea behind it.

They are setting a standard for what they want to be known for: Have you noticed that brands like Moschino or Chanel are easily identified? Or let me bring it home. Let’s take ChyAzozie Inspired. For e.g., there is something that comes to your mind when you think of me right? If you are familiar with my brand, do you think of suits and costume dresses? Exactly my point, but you can think of something fun, girly, something decent and African right?. That is the idea. They are telling you what to think about when you think of them.

It is for publicity: How else will you know that they exist if they don’t show themselves off to you in a different way that others do? You see, the same way you noticed it and talked about it, is the same way that the press will notice and talk about too. You know what they say, “There is nothing like good or bad publicity”. The brand becomes famous because now you know them. Then they they sell a wearable fashion to you and make a lot of money from what you didn’t like before.

They are also showing off their creativity: Also a way for you to notice them. You just have to. That is how brands go big. That is also their way of telling you that they have something different to offer than the other guys next door. They tell you this in a subtle and creative way.

Lastly, you were right, you can’t wear the clothes because they are not meant to be worn: Not for everyday purpose like going to work at least. They are luxury pieces and cost a fortune. They are sold off as costume to interested buyers or simply displayed in their gallery for show off.

But come to think of it, the designers are not stupid. They can’t spend tones of money, time and resources just for nothing. Believe me, it is possible that you have an item of clothing from one of these designers that you have called mad. Isn’t that ridiculous?

So when next you see clothes like this on the runway, rather than condemn them, think of them as an art show. Its a show too right? Just a fashion one.

These kinds of fashions are very expensive to create, requires very high skill, a team of professionals and a sale system for this tactic to work. Have you also noticed that you don’t see a lot of these concepts in Nigeria?  This is because as a developing country, we do not have the system in place and only very few designers can afford the resources and expertise to do this.

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  1. Ou well I have always considered these fashion pieces to be costumes for specific purposes, either for movies or music videos or photoshoots to portray something specific

    1. Yes, they are but that is secondary. The ones on the runway are mostly used to create awareness, establish identity and to draw media attention. thanks for your comment too

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